Talent recruitment
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  • product manager
Job responsibilities
1. According to the product planning or project requirements, carry out the demand research, complete the Research Report and requirement specification;
2. Responsible for finance and taxation product related work, complete product design and definition, follow up each version of iterative project management and quality control, as well as product acceptance, release and launch;
3. According to the needs, output various requirements documents, including business structure and process, interface prototype, page element description, etc., and have certain interaction design ability and UI aesthetic ability;
4. Users will be trained, such as the preparation of training manuals, training manuals, etc; 5. Irregular customer research and business support, timely follow-up feedback problems, adjust product strategy to meet market demand;
Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, taxation or computer, more than 3 years of product manager experience, familiar with product life cycle management, have successfully launched products;
2. Identify with the company's business objectives, deeply understand and research enterprise services, and have strong product planning ability;
4. Excellent logical thinking and business abstraction ability, and applied to product function design, continuously optimize the operation process and interactive experience;
3. Excellent product innovation, product design ability, document writing ability, solid product prototype drawing ability, good user experience and interaction design ability; 5. Have strong executive power, good communication and coordination ability, strong learning ability and insight;
8. Note: experience in Kingdee, UFIDA, sap, Oracle and other cloud financial products is preferred. During the interview, please bring the work results (requirements documents, prototype drawings, etc.) and conduct product demonstration. Please bring your PC. If it is not convenient to carry, please copy to USB flash disk and use our computer to demonstrate. Thank you for your understanding.)
6. Strong professionalism and team spirit, can adapt to short-term business trip; 7. Experience in foreign trade, logistics and warehousing is preferred. Those with excellent conditions can relax the requirements.