Hong Kong FedEx international express service

Service Introduction

FedEx is one of the largest express transportation companies in the world. Its service scope covers 220 countries and regions. It is a door-to-door international express service with wide service coverage, safety, reliability and fast timeliness. It is suitable for transporting high value and time sensitive goods. Services are divided into priority (IP) and economic (ie).

Hong Kong FedEx international express delivery time limit

Priority (IP) Courier Service: reference time 2-5 working days
Economic (ie) Courier Service: reference time 3 - 7 working days
-In this case, the package will be sent online until the recipient receives the package, except for special circumstances! The delivery time limit is related to the customs clearance time and flight arrangement at the destination.

Volume and weight limit

The maximum weight of a single piece is 68 kg; the maximum length of a single piece is 270 cm; the maximum size of a single piece: length + 2 × width + 2 × height = 327 cm. If more than, please contact masspack customer service center before delivery.

Hong Kong FedEx international express price

1. For the price of Hong Kong Federal Express, please visit the homepage of qianbaibao website: http://www.masspack-express.com Inquiry;
2. The volume and weight calculation formula of Hong Kong Federal Express Service: length cm x width cm x height cm / 5000. Compared with the actual weight of the goods, the larger one shall be charged;
3. The price of the Hong Kong Federal Express service is the freight of ordinary goods, excluding other expenses (remote surcharge, customs duty generated in the destination country, return fee, etc.) on the website of qianbaibao;
4. There is a discount between the Federal Express service and the official price announced by the federal government;
5. The basic freight rates announced by the Hong Kong Federal Express service do not include handling charges, fuel charges and other charges.