Korea import direct mail line

Service Introduction

Korean import direct mail line is a product developed independently by hundreds of bags. Customers can place an order online and express it to the designated site in Korea or inform us to arrange on-site pick-up.

BC line

The goods need to be the products listed in the negative list of China's imports, provide the product information record, provide the product sales link in China's domestic platform or provide the domestic sales screenshot, the product inv, and the provincial certificate information of the recipient in China, and the payment serial number and payment screenshot; each recipient's annual shopping quota is 20000, and the value of a single package cannot exceed RMB2000, One recipient corresponds to one package, one address and one telephone number
Cross border e-commerce tax rate used in this line: since April 1, 2019, the value-added tax rate of 16% for imported goods will be reduced to 13%; for goods without consumption tax, the cross-border comprehensive tax rate will be reduced from 11.2% to 9.1%; for goods with consumption tax, the cross-border comprehensive tax rate will be reduced from 25.53% to 23.05%. For the original 10% VAT rate, the cross-border comprehensive tax will be reduced from 7% to 6.3%. (subject to the real-time announcement of China Customs)

CC line

Need to provide domestic sales screenshots, as well as the recipient's provincial certificate information in China
On April 9, Premier Li presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, and decided to reduce the tax rate on imported articles and promote the expansion of import and consumption. Among them, food and medicine were reduced from 15% to 13%; clothes, shoes and bags, textiles and electrical appliances were reduced from 25% to 20%.
Personal belongings CC line mail customs clearance (small package sunshine customs clearance line) 1. Mode advantages: a single package less than RMB 1000 will be taxed according to the line mail tax rate, and enjoy tax exemption within 50 yuan;
3. Speed advantage: cargo airport landing, 1-3 days to complete customs clearance;
2. Process advantages: the company provides API system docking, and provides a single system, simple and convenient operation. According to the customs clearance requirements, customers only need to pack, paste and air transport overseas to the airport designated by us. The domestic operation includes all operations of cloud mail. 4. Logistics advantages: domestic China Post, Yuantong delivery 1-4 days, a single to the end operation, logistics information real-time online tracking
CC bank mail channel customs clearance needs to provide the recipient's ID card photo, suitable for infants and young children's milk powder, health care products, food, cleaning and care products, maternal and infant products and other low-value commodities after walking three stages.
5. Safety advantages: the single package has a higher insured price of RMB 1000, and Yunda, Zhongtong and Yuantong can be delivered
Please pay attention to hundreds of packages of personal belongings, cross-border direct mail CC / BC sunshine customs clearance, overseas shopping agent purchase of small package transshipment, China agent customs clearance and delivery service, global import direct mail special line service, etc