Japan certification

2020-08-13 11:23

Amazon Japan station: certification for products exported to Japan

Amazon Japan station, can be said to be the most suitable site for new sellers to start. The Japanese market was very eye-catching last year, which is also a sign of the rise of Southeast Asian market.

As a member of the WTO, Japan should not only abide by the WTO's global free trade regulations, but also ensure the safety of its domestic products and the related technology from being stolen. The relevant product certification belongs to technical barriers.

Therefore, when we choose products from cross-border e-commerce sellers, we finally find a potential pop-up product. In our mind, we think, does this product need certification?

Here to give you a list of often used export to Japan certification;

1、 PSE certification in Japan

Certification Type: it can be divided into diamond and round. Diamond is compulsory certification of Japanese regulations. There are 165 items of specified special electrical appliances and materials (such as power adapter, etc.), which can only be issued by relevant authorized laboratory, and the cost is relatively high. The circle is for 333 kinds of non specified products; all laboratories authorized by China can test and issue certificates.

The products that Chinese sellers often make are electronic products, such as mobile phone chargers, chargers, etc. PSE certification fee is the lowest, generally 5-10 working days can come down, is our Chinese seller must understand a kind of certification.

2、 Japanese telec certification

Telec is the main registration and certification authority of Japan's radio equipment compliance certification. This certification is mandatory. Our superior products of Chinese sellers, such as Bluetooth headset, need this certification.

Certification Type: telec certification includes test certification and type approval.

Test certification is to verify each equipment unit. Type approval refers to the verification of a batch of equipment samples of the same design and manufacture. Type approval is relatively strict. If the design and function of the product are changed, it needs to be re certified.

The cost of Japanese telec certification is about 1.8W, and the time is long.

3、 PSC certification

This certification of consumer goods safety law, involving safety products. Partial coercion.

According to the Japanese consumer goods safety law, consumer products that are easy to cause harm to human body due to product structure, materials and use methods need PSC certification mark when they are sold in Japan.

Certification Type: Diamond PSC certification, round PSC certification, SG certification

Round PSC certification: such as pressure cooker for home, helmet for motor vehicle, rope for climbing, oil water heater, oil fired boiler and oil heater

Diamond PSC certification: Diamond PSC compulsory certification of specially specified products; such as portable laser application device, lighter, crib, hot water circulator for bathtub.

SG certification: other consumer products belong to voluntary certification. Baby care products are absolutely blue ocean products in Amazon at present, as shown in the figure

In addition, Amazon does not need to audit when it is put on the shelf; however, if there is a buyer's complaint, the platform may need you to provide PSC certification, prove the security of your products, and;